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We would rate your service as excellent.  It was a pleasure working with you and we thank you for taking the time to share with us your thoughts on home improvement.  My husband and I appreciate you sharing some of your knowledge with us.


Thanks Again,


Marty and David Montes


My wife and I appreciate the thorough job y'all did with regards to the home inspection and explaining things along the way. Your personable approach and knowledge made us feel very comfortable. The mere fact that you scheduled us in so quickly speaks volumes to your drive towards customer satisfaction. After your inspection we feel comfortable that the house is in sound condition. Overall, we felt this was an EXCELLENT experience and we will be recommending you to anyone we know.

Thanks again,
Keith & Leeann Jannett


It was a pleasure to meet you, and I am very glad that you inspected the house. I appreciated the fact that you were very professional, helpful, attentive, and hardworking. I am very satisfied with the overall home inspection, the service was excellent. Thank you once again for all of you assistance it was a truly pleasurable experience.


Sincerely Yours,

Amir Makhmudov


Better then Excellent - It is truly a pleasure to meet professionals such as yourselves.  Your efforts, suggests, recommendations and attitude are a shining example to your profession and to your business.

Although I dont plan on having any more homes to inspect myself in the near future (I HOPE!) <grin> if I were to, you would be the only ones I would be interested in doing business with. 


It was great meeting you Michael and also great to see you again Stephen.  God bless you both . .  . Fair winds and following seas 


Thanks Again,

David & Carol Finelli


Thank you for sending the home inspection report and for your services.  I was very pleased with your thoroughness and expertise.  I would rate my satisfaction with your overall home inspection as an Excellent.

I look forward to working with you both in the future.

Thank you,
Lia M. Haynes, Ph.D


Thank you for an EXCELLENT job today.  All of the information that you provided will assist in getting the home not only fixed, but also help to ensure proper maintenance and corrective actions are taken.  This info will help us enjoy our new home even more.


David Finelli


As to how I would rate my overall home inspection would be excellent.  You guys seem very thorough in inspecting things in the house which I did not see.  I also liked the manner in how you conducted the walk thru to show me the things you found that needed repair.  Your attitude about caring for your customer was greatly appreciated.  I enjoyed the laughing and talking with you also. 
Lynn Davis
Thank you for the service you provided in performing the home inspection and accompanying reports. In an attempt to provide useful feedback, I think that the primary purpose of the inspection is to provide assurance to a prospective buyer that the property meets quality standards so as to constitute a "wise purchase decision" or fair warning of a potentially unwise decision. Secondarily, but also important, are the fixes, upgrades, etc. that the buyer would want to have done, prior to closing. I believe that your service met both objectives and your reporting (both hard-copy and electronic transmission) proved to be clear and useful.

I am also appreciative of the informal discussion and suggestions/advise that you provided relative to other maintenance/repair or upgrade applications that we covered. I would also comment that you were accomodative in terms of scheduling the inspection, prompt in execution, and courteous to the sensitivities of the seller. All I think are important in building the cooperation and consensus to best accomplish the transaction of selling/purchasing and the transition of moving the seller out and the purchaser in.

As I tried to think about how your service might be improved, I wouldn't change anything relative to the scope and purpose of the inspection. I do forsee however, using the report to make some initial repairs and there are also some good suggestions for ongoing maintence. I do think that many potential homeowners might value a checklist for future routine maintenance, which could be an addendum to the report.

Overall, I felt your service was excellent and would be pleased to refer or recommend future customers to you. 

Thank You,

John F. Schneider


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